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Tue, March 28th, 2017

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About CMDM

Since 2005, China Medical Device Manufacturer has been providing the China-based medical technology industry with the resources it needs to design, develop, manufacture, and bring to market next-generation medical products.

In each issue of CMDM, experts address a spectrum of topics uniquely tailored to the interests and demands of the medical device industry. The Technology Update section features concise reports on technological breakthroughs in materials science, machining equipment, packaging, and a host of other fields. In the Equipment News and Products and Services sections, global suppliers to the med-tech industry present their capabilities and recent product introductions. The Industry News section keeps the readers up to date about major events shaping the medical device industry.

All of the articles published in CMDM are posted in Chinese and English on the magazine?s Web site at www.cmdm.com. News about upcoming exhibitions and articles from past issues are available online as well.

UBM Canon also holds trade shows regularly in China. Modeled after the phenomenally successful Medical Design & Manufacturing events in the United States and MEDTEC in Europe, MEDTEC China provides a platform for leading medical OEM suppliers to interact with the industry, while experts at the accompanying conference address crucial regulatory, product design, and manufacturing issues. Sponsored by CMDM, the 2008 MEDTEC China will take place September 9-11 in Shanghai. For details, please visit: www.medtecchina.com.

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About Canon Communications, LLC

UBM Canon is the leading B-to-B media company dedicated exclusively to the global US$3.0 trillion advanced manufacturing sector. It helps support the flow of information, commerce and innovation in such sophisticated segments as medical devices and pharmaceutical development. UBM Canon also addresses cutting-edge developments in broader areas of advanced engineering design and manufacturing, and manufacturing processes and packaging.

UBM Canon's comprehensive support to the advanced manufacturing sector is delivered through a highly coordinated suite of trade shows, conferences, publications, websites, e-newsletters, databases, and other e-media. UBM Canon's media products play leading, crucial roles in the markets they cover.

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